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Pay Per Hire
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With no commitment search and book top-tier dental professionals, or easily post temporary job opportunities to hire qualified applicants.
Suitable for small practices with a single location. Elevate your staffing process with job postings, bookings, messaging and unlimited hires.
Perfect for practices with multiple locations. Experience the pinnacle of dental staffing with job postings, bookings, messaging and unlimited hires.
Unbeatable $49 per Hire
Unlimited Hires / Single Location
Unlimited Hires / Multi Location
$49 / hire
$99 / m
$199 / m
No credit card required
No credit card required
  • Post Jobs and Hire Applicants
  • Search and Book Professionals
  • $49 per Hire
  • Chat with Confirmed Professionals
  • Single Location Access
  • Post Jobs and Hire Applicants
  • Search and Book Professionals
  • Unlimited Hires
  • Chat with All Professionals
  • Single Location Access
  • Post Jobs and Hire Applicants
  • Search and Book Professionals
  • Unlimited Hires
  • Chat with All Professionals
  • Two Locations Access
  • Locations Management Panel
  • $99/m per Additional Location

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“We’re struggling to keep up with demand for appointments. I’ve been looking for a new way to fill shifts and Tempfind has everything I need.”
Dr. Perry A
Dr. Perry A
EastSide Dental
“My team really appreciates that it’s easy to use. We use enough software platforms to run our practice as it is, so keeping things simple is important for us.”
Jessica L.
Jessica L.
Dental Office Manager
“It’s nice to see a technology that feels like it was made for us, instead of something any industry could use. Within a few minutes, we were up and running with it.”
Natalie H.
Natalie H.
Dental Admin

We’re Often Being Asked

What is the Pay-Per-Hire plan, and how does it work?

The Pay Per Hire plan is designed for clinics who prefer flexibility. For each successful temporary staff placement, the cost is $49. You only pay for the professionals you hire, making it a cost-effective choice for occasional staffing needs.

Can you explain the Monthly plans in more detail?

Our monthly plans are tailored for Clinics with consistent staffing requirements. These plans include unlimited job postings, and the ability to hire as many applicants as needed within the subscription period. We offer two monthly plans: Essential, and Premium. The Premium plan come with the added benefit of accommodating multiple locations for clinics with a multi-location setup.

How do Essential and Premium Monthly plans differ?

  • Essential Plan: Designed for businesses with basic but consistent staffing needs, the Essential Plan includes job postings, booking requests, messaging, and an unlimited number of hires for a generous monthly fee of $99.
  • Premium Plan: Ideal for clinics with multiple locations. Similarly, to the Essential plan, the Premium plan includes job postings, bookings requests, messaging, and an unlimited number of hires, and offers the ability to manage multiple clinic locations for a monthly fee of $199. The Premium subscription also allows the ability to add additional locations for just $99 a month.

What if our clinic has few locations?

The ability to add additional locations is a feature exclusive to the Premium monthly plan. This allows clinics’ regional managers manage their staffing needs more efficiently and from one interface. The Premium plan includes two locations and allows you to add another location at additional monthly fee of $99. This is especially beneficial for clinics with multi-location setups or large corporations.

Can I switch between Pay Per Hire, Essential and Premium plans?

Yes, you have the flexibility to switch between your plans based on your evolving needs. If your staffing requirements change or if you expand to multiple locations, you can easily adjust your plan to align with your business demands. Log in to your account and proceed to management of your plans and inside Billing section.

Is there a minimum commitment period for Monthly plans?

Monthly plans are billed on a month-to-month basis with no long-term commitments. You can cancel, downgrade to Pay Per Hire, or modify your plan at any time, providing you with the flexibility to adapt to changing business circumstances.

How do I sign up my clinics on Tempfind?

To get started, visit our Pricing page. Choose the plan that best fits your needs (Pay Per Hire, Essential or Premium), and follow the simple steps to sign up and start accessing our extensive network of temporary dental staff.

Can I try Tempfind for free before committing to a Monthly plan or Pay-per-use?

Yes, we offer a risk-free trial period. During this trial, you can explore the platform’s features, post jobs, review applicants, search professional profiles, send booking requests and hire unlimited number of temp professionals. Once your trial period expires, you can choose the Pay-Per-Hire plan and continue paying only for successful hires, or upgrade to Essential or Premium plan to enjoy significant savings for all your staffing needs.

Is there a limit to the number of job postings and hires under the Monthly plans?

No, all two of our monthly subscription plans (Essential and Premium) offer unlimited hires. Whether you obtain the professional through a job posting or by sending a booking request, you can hire as many dental professionals per month as needed to fill your staffing requirements.

How quickly can I start hiring temporary staff after signing up?

Once you sign up and register your clinic on Tempfind, you can start posting jobs, searching and booking professionals immediately. The time to hire depends on your specific requirements and the availability of suitable candidates.

Can I review applicant profiles before making a hiring decision?

Yes, with any of our plans, you have access to Professionals’ profiles before making a hiring decision. This allows you to review qualifications, experience, rating and reviews to ensure a good fit for your clinic. If you are on Essential or Premium monthly subscription plan, you can also chat with the professional prior to confirming them for the shift. This added feature allow clinics to connect with professionals before booking them, providing an added layer of convenience and flexibility to meet your staffing needs effectively.

Do you offer corporate plans?

Our Premium plan enables any size of Corporation with as many locations and offices. We will provide a centralized admin panel where a full management of clinics, people, permissions, bookings, and job postings can be streamlines from. Please contact our Sales team for more information.

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