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We Offer Two Very Distinct Temporary Staffing Options
Search & Book
Three Easy Steps to Book Dental Professionals
Search for Temps
Select professional you are looking for and dates when you need them
Compare Professionals
View list of professionals in your area, compare their rates, qualifications, and availability
Send Booking Request
Once you’ve selected a professional, send your booking request and start messaging
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Post & Hire
Our Job Posting feature is FREE on any of our monthly subscription plans.
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With no commitment search and book top-tier dental professionals, or easily post temporary job opportunities to hire qualified applicants.
Suitable for small practices with a single location. Elevate your staffing process with job postings, bookings, messaging and unlimited hires.
Perfect for practices with multiple locations. Experience the pinnacle of dental staffing with job postings, bookings, messaging and unlimited hires.
Unbeatable $49 per Hire
Unlimited Hires / Single Location
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$49 / hire
$99 / m
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$149 / m Starting December 24’
No credit card required
No credit card required
  • Post Jobs and Hire Applicants
  • Search and Book Professionals
  • $49 per Hire
  • Chat with Confirmed Professionals
  • Single Location Access
  • Post Jobs and Hire Applicants
  • Search and Book Professionals
  • Unlimited Hires
  • Chat with All Professionals
  • Single Location Access
  • Post Jobs and Hire Applicants
  • Search and Book Professionals
  • Unlimited Hires
  • Chat with All Professionals
  • Two Locations Access
  • Locations Management Panel
  • $99/m per Additional Location

What Sets Us Apart

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Instant Access to Talent
We provide instant access to a pool of pre-screened Dental Professionals, complete with their availability, rates, and qualifications.
Booking Technology
Booking Technology
We let clinics Search & Book professionals directly, skipping the wait for candidates to apply to jobs.
Flexible Job Posting
Flexible Job Posting
Our Post & Hire staffing feature is FREE with all membership plans, allowing clinics to fill single and multi-day temp shifts.
Fast On-demand Staffing
Fast On-demand Staffing
We empower clinics to quickly fill temporary shifts, often within minutes, eliminating revenue loss and operational headaches.
Happy Tempfind Users
“We’re struggling to keep up with demand for appointments. I’ve been looking for a new way to fill shifts and Tempfind has everything I need.”
Dr. Perry A
Dr. Perry A
EastSide Dental
“My team really appreciates that it’s easy to use. We use enough software platforms to run our practice as it is, so keeping things simple is important for us.”
Jessica L.
Jessica L.
Dental Office Manager
“It’s nice to see a technology that feels like it was made for us, instead of something any industry could use. Within a few minutes, we were up and running with it.”
Natalie H.
Natalie H.
Dental Admin

We’re Often Being Asked

What is Tempfind?

Tempfind is an online platform that provides temporary dental staffing services. Dental clinics can use our temp dental services to find professionals to fill shifts, while temporary dental professionals can use Tempfind to find flexible work opportunities.

How does the temp dental shift hiring process work?

Dental clinics and professionals can connect in two ways:

  1. Through the Book a Professional feature, dental clinics can proactively seek temporary dental professionals to fill upcoming shifts. When they find the right candidate, they can book the professional and arrange the details all within Tempfind’s dental staffing platform.
  2. Through the Job Board feature, dental clinics can post job ads with the details of the shift and the kind of dental temporary staff they’re looking for. Professionals can apply for posted vacancies.

Tempfind has a rating system for clinics and experts to ensure temp dental services are provided professionally.

What types of dental professionals can I hire for temporary shifts?

With Tempfind, the superior dental staffing solution and alternative to traditional dental temp agencies, dental clinics can seamlessly hire professionals, including hire dental hygienists, receptionists, assistants, locum dentists, office managers, and floaters.

How does Tempfind ensure the quality of dental professionals?

We require temporary dental professionals to provide their credentials and previous work experience. Also, dental clinics rate professionals after the shift, ensuring only the best candidates are listed on our platform.

What are the benefits of using the web platform for dental offices hiring temp dental shifts?

Dental clinics benefit from Tempfind’s temp dental services by accessing a wide range of verified industry specialists. Dental professionals benefit from the flexibility of choosing where and when to work at a rate they set for themselves.

Is Tempfind a Dental Staffing Agency?

No, Tempfind is a staffing agency alternative. It’s a platform where dental clinics can search for dental staffing solutions and where dental professionals can search for job opportunities.

What are the benefits of using the web platform for dental offices hiring temp dental shifts?

Using Tempfind can provide dental clinics with a more cost-effective and streamlined way to find temporary dental professionals. Tempfind allows dental clinics to connect directly with qualified and experienced dental temp professionals without the need for a staffing agency as an intermediary. This can result in faster and more efficient staffing solutions at a much lower cost. Dental temp professionals can also benefit from the ability to find temporary job opportunities directly through Tempfind without needing to work through a staffing agency.

Is there a fee for using Tempfind?

Tempfind provides free dental staffing solutions for clinics using our Job Board feature. We require a small fee from dental clinics only when they find professionals and book them with the Book a Professional feature. Candidates looking for shifts to fill through the Job Board feature can apply for jobs for free.

Is Tempfind a trustworthy Dental Staffing solution for temporary staffing needs?

Absolutely. Tempfind is a reliable staffing solution, providing clinics with verified professionals through a stringent approval process. Our platform ensures a positive experience for both clinics and patients. Additionally, we empower dental clinics to rate professionals after each shift, contributing to the transparency and quality of our dental office solution.

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