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We’re Often Being Asked

What is Tempfind and how does it work?

Tempfind is an online marketplace that connects dental professionals with dental clinics in need of temporary staffing solutions. To use Tempfind, simply create a profile, specify your qualifications, hourly rate and availability, and then you can accept booking requests from clinics or apply to job postings that match your skills and schedule.

What types of dental professionals can use Tempfind?

Tempfind is open to all types of dental professionals, including dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental receptionists and temp dentists.

How does Tempfind ensure the quality and authenticity of dental clinics?

Tempfind ensures the quality of dental clinics by requiring them to submit their practice credentials. Additionally, the platform includes a rating system that allows dental professionals to rate dental clinics after they have completed a shift, which helps to ensure that only the most reliable and professional clinics are accepted onto the platform.

Is there a fee for using Tempfind?

There is no fee for dental professionals to use Tempfind. The platform makes money by charging dental clinics a small fee for successful matches between dental clinics and dental professionals.

Can I specify my hourly rate on Tempfind?

You can specify your hourly rate on Tempfind when you create your profile. Your hourly rate is used when dental clinics are searching for you via the Book a Professional website feature as well as when you apply for temp shifts via the Job Board website feature.

What's the difference between Tempfind and a Temp Staffing Agency?

Staffing agencies typically provide a full range of staffing services, including recruiting, screening, and managing employees. Staffing agencies may also take on more responsibility for employment-related matters such as payroll and benefits. Tempfind, on the other hand, provides a platform for dental clinics and dental temp professionals to connect directly. Considering how time sensitive the temporary dental staffing is, Tempfind’s sole mission is to connect dental professionals and clinics faster and at a lower cost.

How quickly can I find temporary work on Tempfind?

The speed at which you find temporary work on Tempfind depends on factors such as your qualifications, availability, and location. However, many dental professionals find temporary work on Tempfind within a few days of creating their profile.

What are the benefits of using Tempfind?

Dental professionals benefit from using Tempfind by having access to a wide range of temporary job opportunities in their area and the ability to set their own hourly rate and schedule. Tempfind also provides a safe and secure platform for finding temporary work and a rating system that allows dental professionals to rate dental clinics after they have completed a shift.

Is Tempfind a reliable solution for finding temporary work?

Tempfind is a reliable solution for finding temporary work. The platform carefully screens and vets all dental clinics that join the platform, ensuring that only the most qualified and reliable clinics are available for dental professionals to work with. Additionally, the platform includes a rating system that allows dental professionals to rate dental clinics after they have completed a shift, which helps to ensure that the highest quality clinics are available on the platform.

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