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Dental Assistant Job Interview Questions: Expert Insights

Dental Assistant Job Interview Questions: Expert Insights

January 15, 2024 | by Tempfind Research | For Dental Professionals
In 2021, Canada boasted approximately 40,000 practicing dental assistants, with this profession listed among the most sought-after medical specialties according to Job Bank Canada. Projections indicate steady annual growth in demand for dental assistants over the next 5 years, averaging 15%. Therefore, the prospects of securing a good job are quite high with the right strategy. One key element of this strategy is successfully navigating the interview with a potential employer. In this article, we will shed light on important strategies, including how to respond to dental assistant job interview questions effectively.

Typical Interview Questions for Dental Assistants

Tell us about yourself and your professional experience

This is one of the most common starter questions that typically initiate an interview. It is important to have a well-prepared and clear resume that includes all relevant work experience, certificates, courses, and additional training. The CV should be structured, starting with the most recent or current position. Mention specific periods, organization names, job responsibilities, and key achievements. For instance, highlight accomplishments like improving instrument sterilization efficiency or reducing patient waiting times. The recommended duration of the answer is no more than 2–3 minutes.

What motivates you to work as a dental assistant?

It is crucial to demonstrate genuine interest and a well-thought-out choice in pursuing this profession. Present arguments about why you enjoy this line of work, mentioning the advantages such as working in a team of professionals, witnessing tangible outcomes of collaborative treatment with dentists, and the gratitude received from patients. Additionally, demonstrate a good understanding of the specifics of a dental assistant’s role, such as communication with patients, the importance of maintaining instrument sterility, and the responsibility for preparing the clinic and procuring consumables.

What is your educational background?

Provide comprehensive information about all relevant aspects:

  • educational institutions;
  • programs;
  • certificates;
  • courses.

Indicate the duration of education completed and the title of any certificates or degrees earned. If you have experience studying or interning abroad, be sure to mention it. Holding a Dental Assisting National Board certificate would be a great advantage.



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Specifics of Interviews

When gearing up for an interview, you’ll likely come across the following dental assistant job interview questions:

1.What do you know about hygiene standards and working with biomaterials?

In your response, mention compliance with CSA standards and local waste classifications. Discuss the 4-category rule (general organizational and individual measures), the disinfectants used, and the rules for disposing of used instruments.

2.What technical skills make you feel confident in a clinical setting? 

Focus on skills related to working in a digital information environment. Talk about your experience with electronic patient databases, cloud medical services, digital document management, and reporting. Also, it would be helpful to know if you’re familiar with tools such as Dentrix, Dentalab, and Easy Dental.



Key Questions and How to Answer Them

What motivated you to pursue a career as a dental assistant?

Answering this question, focus on your conscious choice of this challenging but rewarding profession. Additionally, provide specific facts about why dentistry appealed to you. For example, you could talk about observing the inner workings of a clinic, interacting with professionals, and recognizing the importance of providing quality care to patients for the preservation of their dental and overall health. Express interest in the intricacies of working with specialized equipment and collaboration with various specialists in the field.

Share a challenging situation at work and how you dealt with it

In challenging situations, employers are primarily interested in your specific actions to resolve the issue, not the issue itself. Therefore, focus the main part of your answer on this. For instance, you can recall a situation involving a difficult patient or an unexpected equipment malfunction. Highlight how your actions helped calm or persuade the patient and swiftly resolved the equipment issue to prevent appointment disruptions. Provide specific facts rather than general statements.



Expert Tips for Interview Preparation

For a successful interview, experts recommend adhering to the following rules:

1.Compile a detailed list of your professional achievements and strengths.

These could include successfully completed projects, awards, and recognitions, as well as patient, colleague, and supervisor feedback. Such a list will help you quickly recall real cases and stories for your answers.

2.Familiarize yourself with typical questions for such interviews and prepare your responses.

Spend time going through the most popular questions for dental assistants. Think through ideal answers, practice expressing them verbally, and record yourself on video. This preparation will prove beneficial during the actual interview.
Try to gather as much information as possible about the clinic and employer. This will help you prepare more accurately and demonstrate your awareness and interest during the interview. Explore the website, read online reviews, and communicate with current or former employees to gather insights. The more details you know about the clinic, the more positive an impression you’ll make.
Take into account the specific requirements of the position, and you’ll undoubtedly leave a favorable impression during the dental assistant job interview, increasing your chances of getting the job!

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