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66 Dental Professionals near you

Daisy A

Dental Assistant

1 Year Experience

Dhwani P

Dental Assistant

3 Years Experience

Rajandeep K

Dental Assistant

2 Years Experience

Natalia M

Dental Assistant

8 Years Experience

Gurpreet K

Dental Assistant

2 Years Experience

Jooha L

Dental Assistant

4 Years Experience

Paz M

Dental Assistant

2 Years Experience

Suha A

Dental Assistant

7 Years Experience

Charlene D

Dental Assistant

19 Years Experience

Keerthana S

Dental Assistant

1 Year Experience

66   Dental Professionals near you

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Explore Profiles of Qualified Dental Assistants

  • When searching for dental assistants on TempFind, you can view the professional’s qualifications such as Level 1 or Level 2 certification, helping you determine whether they are equipped to handle the role your clinic is hiring for.
  • Dental assistant profiles on TempFind also list each individual’s work and education history, so you can get a sense of their training and on-the-job experience. As dental assistants fulfill more shifts through TempFind, they will earn ratings from other hiring clinics—valuable insight to inform your own hiring process.
  • If language and communication skills are a factor in your search for the right dental assistant, be sure to review this portion of the candidate’s profile. During signup on TempFind, dental assistants are prompted to rate their skills in English and any additional languages.
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The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Dental Assistants

TempFind puts a network of talented dental assistants within reach, making it easy to find the skills and experience you need.
Book More Appointments
Peace of Mind
As part of our commitment to quality and transparency, we validate all registering dental assistants on our platform—allowing you to hire with confidence.
Make Direct Connections
Two Ways to Hire
With TempFind, you don’t need to post a shift and wait for applications. You can also search our network of dental assistants and hire the right candidate based on your clinic’s needs.

Hire Temporary Dental Assistants: Step-by-Step Guide

Sign up and complete your profile with basic info about your clinic
Publish temp shifts and describe the kind of qualifications you’re searching for
Review and hire applying dental assistants to fill temp shifts
For added control, you can search our pool of dental assistants and book them for temp jobs

FAQs About Hiring Dental Hygienists

Can I hire dental assistants for specific timeframes?

Yes! When posting an upcoming shift, you’ll be prompted to input the date, time and duration, along with qualifications or responsibilities for the kind of dental assistant you want to hire. Shifts posted on TempFind typically last 6-8 hours.

What should I consider when hiring a dental assistant?

First and foremost, you may want to narrow your search to Level 1 or Level 2 dental assistants, based on the responsibilities of the temp shift. Other qualifications such as HARP certification may also be valuable, depending on the role. You can expect to find the work experience (if any) and educational background of dental assistants on TempFind. This information is designed to guide your search and provide peace of mind when hiring through our platform.

Are there any fees associated with hiring dental assistants?

We charge a small fee only when a dental clinic reaches out to a dental temp and books them for a shift through this direct-contact method. Alternatively, you can post an upcoming shift on our platform and hire your chosen dental assistant after they’ve applied. This does not come with a fee.

Can I transition a temporary dental assistant to a permanent position?

TempFind is built on supporting dental clinics with quality dental temps, in a transparent and convenient way. We don’t promote or facilitate permanent hiring on our platform.

What can I expect after registering my clinic at TempFind?

Once you’ve successfully signed up on our platform and completed your profile, it’s time to post your first temp shift. You’ll be prompted to describe the details of the role, including the qualifications and responsibilities of the kind of dental assistant you’re looking to hire. If you can’t find the right temp through the application process, you can also search our network of dental assistants to find the perfect fit.
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