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What is Tempfind placement fee and how is it billed?

At Tempfind, we understand the importance of clarity and convenience when it comes to payment processes. Whether you're utilizing our services on a Free trial account or have upgraded to one of our subscription plans, we've outlined the payment procedures to ensure a seamless experience for you and your clinic. Below, we'll walk you through the steps for paying Tempfind for placement fees:

1. Free Trial Account:

Clinics with a Free trial account can enjoy the benefits of Tempfind's services without any upfront costs. During this trial period, you have access to our platform to find qualified temporary staff, and there are no placement fees, also known as the Tempfinder Fee. You can take advantage of this opportunity to explore our platform and evaluate its suitability for your clinic's staffing needs.

2. Pay-Per-Hire Plan:

If your clinic decides to upgrade to our Pay-Per-Hire plan, you'll benefit from a straightforward pricing model. Under this plan, the clinic will pay a fixed fee of $49 for each professional hired through Tempfind. This means that you only pay when you successfully fill a shift with one of our temporary staff members.

Tempfind will send you an invoice once a month, billing for all shifts that were filled during the duration of each month. This consolidated billing approach ensures that you receive a comprehensive overview of your staffing expenses, making accounting and budgeting easier for your clinic.

3. Essential Plan:

Our Essential plan offers a compelling solution for clinics seeking more flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Priced at $99 per month, this plan allows you to hire professionals without any additional fees. With no limit on the number of monthly hires, you have the freedom to staff your clinic as needed, making it an ideal option for clinics with varying staffing requirements.

Under the Essential plan, Tempfind will send you an invoice at the beginning of each month, charging a fixed monthly fee of $99. This ensures that your clinic can plan ahead and budget effectively, knowing exactly what to expect in terms of staffing costs.

4. Upcoming Payment Features:

We're committed to enhancing your payment experience on Tempfind. We're currently implementing credit card payment processing. With this enhancement, all transactions will be billed in real time, providing immediate payment confirmation. Additionally, automated invoices will be saved in your clinic's account's Billing and Plans section, allowing easy access to your payment history and records.

At Tempfind, we aim to make the payment process as seamless and transparent as possible for our valued dental clinic users. Whether you're on a Free trial account, Pay-Per-Hire plan, or Essential plan, our payment procedures are designed to accommodate your needs and preferences. Should you have any questions or require further assistance regarding payment, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team at info@tempfind.com.

We're here to help you efficiently manage your clinic's staffing needs.

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