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How do I get paid after my shift?

At Tempfind, clinics outline payment terms during booking or job posting creation, and professionals confirm their agreement when accepting shifts or applying for jobs. These terms could include the payment method such as by Cheque or E-transfer and payment schedule such as: Same day or in a few weeks. After completing a shift, submit your invoice via the Tempfind platform based on actual worked hours, and clinics are responsible for making direct payments based on agreed-upon terms.
FYI, we are actively working on streamlining our platform for future transactions. Soon, we plan to implement a payment processing system where dental clinics can pay Tempfind for the full shift amount, and we will disperse funds conveniently to our professional users' bank accounts. Once this feature is available, we will notify all users and provide it as a convenient payment option for professionals to choose. Our commitment is to continuously improve our platform to better serve the needs of dental clinics and professionals.
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