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How do I send a booking request to a Profesional?

When you send a booking request to a professional on Tempfind, the designated professional will quickly receive a text or email with the essential details of your request. They have the option to either accept or decline the request. If accepted, they will be automatically confirmed for the scheduled shift at your clinic. In the event of a decline, professionals are encouraged to provide a valid reason. We strongly recommend clinics submit multiple booking requests or post jobs for the same profession and date, as this significantly enhances the chances of securing a suitable temporary professional.
It is very important to manage your requests responsibly by canceling any outstanding requests or job postings once a professional has been confirmed through the platform. We are working on a feature that will streamline this process for you, automatically handling pending booking and job posting cancellations when the first professional is confirmed for your shift, simplifying the overall workflow and ensuring efficient communication between clinics and professionals.
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